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Baby Name by Alphabet

Picking the right name for your baby is a fun-filled yet difficult task. Want to make your child’s name unique and special? Browse through our huge list of baby names indexed alphabetically. Be it a boy or a girl; pick out the impeccable name for your child from our vast repository of names with their meanings.

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Baby Name by Religion

Are you searching for the best name for your little one in your religion? Our resource offers you a massive collection of baby names sorted out by religion – Hindu, Christian & Muslim. We guide you in naming your baby with an idyllic and unique name.

Baby Name by Numerology

Number has a mysterious relationship with your life happenings. Name your baby as per Numerology by using our simple tool. Furnish the details of birth date, time and place and pick out the perfect name for your little one.

Customized Baby Name Generator

If you are looking to generate a rare and special name for your baby, you can make use of our simplified customized baby name generator, where you can choose to find the first name for your baby by filling in the gender and religion details. You can also pick the starting alphabet of your wish. On a simple click, you are provided with an ocean of beautiful and matching names.

Daily Horoscope by Moon Sign

Today's Panchang and Nakshatra

Chart of Now

Good & Bad Timings

Hora: Mars up to Nov 21, 01:58 AM Next Sun

Star of the Day: Dhanishta up to Nov 21, 09:38 PM

Moon Phase: 7th Waxing Moon up to Nov 21, 08:18 AM

Sunrise: 06:36 AM  Sunset: 04:41 PM

Yoga: Dhruva (Reliable) up to Nov 21, 04:30 PM Next Vyaaghaata (Fierce)

Karana: Vanija (Mercantile) up to Nov 21, 08:18 AM

Poison Time: 09:07 AM to 10:23 AM

Danger Time: 12:54 PM to 02:10 PM

Good Time: 06:36 AM to 07:52 AM

Time Zone: -08:00:00 City: Los Angeles

BirthStar: Dhanishta up to Nov 21, 09:38 PM

Moon Phase:: 7th Waxing Moon up to Nov 21, 08:18 AM

To Do: Meditation, Arbitration, Overseas Travel, Buying a Car, Music Lessons, Landscaping

To Avoid: Speculative Trading, Investments in Stocks, Important Meetings, Journeys

Your current location is Los Angeles.

Nakshatra (Star) of the Day:

Dhanishta up to Nov 21, 09:38 PM

General Characteristics: A liberal, rich person, brave and fond of music.
Symbol: Musical drum.
Animal Symbol: Female lion
Ruling Planet: Mars
Nature: Rakshasa (demonic)
Presiding deity: The eight Vasus - the solar gods of energy and light.

Strengths: Insightful, perceptive, earns a good living, charitable, brave, performs well in foreign countries, lives on both spiritual and material levels, liberal, compassionate, bold, good conversationalist, enjoys music and dance, good organizational abilities, ambitious, concerned with accomplishments and developing their careers, likes old and mystifying articles, skilled at astrology.

Weakness: Aggressive, ruthless, inconsiderate, worried, can hurt others, makes up stories, lies, withholds information, doesn"t like to be told what to do, argumentative, too talkative, select incompatible companions, lusts after material, careless, sexual difficulties, delayed/denied marriage, wants everything for themselves, covetous of other"s success, self absorbed, narcissistic.

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