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AstroVed FREE Membership Program
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The Astroved newsletter is designed to give you access to the most cutting edge vedic tools, rituals and empowerment techniques to help you overcome your obstacles in life and to manifest your dreams into reality.

When you subscribe to our newsletter as a token of our appreciation you will also get access to our free exclusive membership program for 3 months.

We designed this membership program to provide the best support for you and your loved ones to use Vedic technology to remove life problems and enhance your health, wealth and loving relationships, as well as every area of life.

Get Three Prasna (Instant Insight) questions FREE - ask your question and receive an instant solution from our expert astrologer

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Add one family member free while ordering Monthly Special Ceremonies

Validity for three months

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Download Our Exclusive Astroved Assistant App - Get Instant Access To Vedic AI Technology And Receive Daily Customised Tools To Empower Your Life And Correct Any Obstacles In Your Day...

AstroVed Assistant is an easy-to-use application that helps you understand, empower, and organize your personal and professional lives. Being a personalized location-based App, AstroVed Assistant can be your one-stop shop for many integrated vedic life-changing tools in the palm of your hands.

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Astroved Assistant App Astroved Assistant App
Astroved Assistant App
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